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Windows Server 2019 [Discussion-Download-Knowledge Base Info]

Source spider English official website: a new version of the 12
PS: details Please wait Chinese official website announced a new version of Dr.Web 12 improvements: 1, a significant expansion of the program features a range; 2, by the anti-virus (processes, system services, drivers , registry, Windows management tools (WMI), the system task scheduler, process-Fi and file system events) extended the scope of entities; 3, new advanced scanning technology, including for the detection of new threats and acts algorithm the new non-signature method; 4, has extended heuristics detection capabilities; 5, enhanced behavior detection program, is the DR.WEB windows incredibly powerful. In version 12, which work together with the signature and cloud-based technology, the use of anti-virus engine and cloud Web more effectively deal with the threat. They can now detect a wider range of threats; 6, using a variety of sources to determine how harmful file or process is in order to make maximum reliable capacity decisions. Together, these improvements and innovations make Dr.Web version 12 can detect more threats, without having to always check the virus database, do not have to actually execute suspicious code. For users, this means additional reduction in the load on the protected equipment. Second, signature-based detection of new ideas in DR.WEB12 version (and follow!) Malicious software to execute code or start all attempts to engage in malicious activity in the system are timely intercepted and scanned using signature-based approach. This method scans all subsystems and components have been fully applied, and has been fully utilized DR.WEB preventive protection. This has led to the acceleration of the process of detecting malware even no chance to work, not to mention the damage to the system. New capabilities DR.Web heuristic algorithm has incredible what Web heuristics technology to detect a lot of talk about WaNACRY; fortunately no Web user's system is destroyed.

Heuristic algorithms have been radically redesigned to detect threats accessible, which is to increase the number every day, its detection is serious and complex, due to its specific characteristics.
Heuristic algorithms have been added to detect LoLbss / LoScript (live on land binary and script). Cybercriminals use trusted processes (those that are not anti-virus scanning process) to execute them. Some estimates suggest that in 2017, this category accounted for more than half of all attacks.
The new version of DR Web heuristic algorithm 12 also against the trend of virus writers: Start miners and embedded malicious malware downloader (active and those that are designed to start the system in all areas). Three, DR.Web cloud detection routine development of a new phase 1, DR.Web upgrade cloud 12 now includes new heuristics for detecting threats. In most cases, during the scanning process DR.Web cloud. Browser extensions heuristic also by DR.Web cloud implementation, which determines the position of plug-in configuration file and parse the configuration file scanning browser. Unlike many other cases the opposite of today's anti-virus occur, not subject to transfer files from protective equipment to DR.Web server. DR.Web cloud is the version so effective protection of 12 key factors. 2, potentially infectious future outlook DR.Web version 12 is equipped with information about a new class of incorrigible threats. Special heuristic algorithm is applied to these threats, making DR.Web can be highly trusted system is infected. For obvious reasons, we do not want further detail here. 3, upgrade anti-malware protection

Adware has become a purely advertising from advertising and malicious cross, malicious part is winning: This includes browsers, shortcuts, home, on behalf of {had} {} filter management, DNS, replace parameters; prevent anti viruses and system applications and take other actions.
Advices systems have become infected by cybercriminals favorite method.
Dr.WEB 12 have become more efficient in malware and malicious activity, not by signature-based analysis to detect. DR.Web version 12 uses heuristics and cloud-based detection routine to protect the system. It is particularly important, Dr.WEB cure a system from these malicious modification and prevent activities

In addition to technological innovation,
the new version of Dr.WEB interface is irresistible!
Let's take a look!

! New Dr.Web Security Center Security Center interface
is simpler and more intuitive - these words can be used to describe a new set of Web 12 In Windows dr manage protection components and tools.

File and network protection files and network protection key Dr.Web protection components are now polymerized in a window.

Preventive protection preventive protection preventive protection technology series is responsible for analyzing all running applications and system processes behavior.
Without the use of signatures, based only on the description of their behavior to prevent malicious programs; protection has been designed to bypass traditional based on the latest malware scanning and detection mechanisms inspired signature;
the protection of anti-virus laboratory has not yet been the object of analysis, therefore, at the time of the invasion, Dr.WEB is unknown.

Extort protection
monitors running programs and open suspicious behavior, which is typical of encryption ransomware

Prevent loopholes
integrity monitoring the process, so that hackers can not exploit existing vulnerabilities by injecting malicious code into them.

Behavioral analysis
to monitor malware requests for various system resources. Cut off a driver injection system or try to work a way of changing the operating system. Similar unauthorized action will be identified and blocked.

Protection for personal data protection of personal data by hackers trying to encrypt their data, blackmail them, they will turn off from the computer, and then sell them to steal personal user data to extort money. Our module, the user can easily find the equipment and personal data section, will prevent all these things happen.

New! The Data Loss Prevention Data Loss Prevention Many users have heard of extortion encryption programs that destroy user files and requires redemption to recover the information. Because the Trojan code is often contain errors, even those who pay the extortion of ransom user will not see their photos and work files again. Since the encryption extortion is very common today, it is crucial to protect themselves.
Although the new DR.Web protection components and DR.Web9.0- to -11.5 version of the same name, but its regular operation is now completely different. This is indeed a new tool, its operation is no longer based on a regular basis and create a backup copy protection, but based on user selection uninterrupted protection folder resides. Your files will always be under their protection until you disable it up yourself.

New! Protection Against spying prevent espionage espionage incidents involving those cyber criminals to attack, let them into the microphone and camera, video production and recording, and then ask for ransom to keep the rise of private information. Users can not determine when their equipment was destroyed (no light appears), even though they locked the screen.
Dr.WEB 12 Windows version of this invasion will lead to impossible. It will protect your privacy, because it ensures webcam and microphone can not be used for monitoring purposes.

Improved! Parental Control Parental Control
modern fraud technology offers great opportunities for crooks to attack those who do not understand the importance of protecting data. In Windows 12, the parents of the new DR Web control component will protect children from the most influence their threat.

When on-line, it is important to be aware of: all malware are created for crime. However, no matter what the attacker tries to do harm, DR Web 12 have Internet provides adequate protection for safety.
What is DR Web prevention? Free upgrade to version 12 of Dr.Web upgrade to Spider is Windows 12, the commercial trial licenses and user need only download the new version of the distribution and installation program. If you have a valid serial number or trial key file. Download Link : Dr.WEB12 three-month trial Dr.Web: 3 months

Источник: https://topics4280.rssing.com/chan-62228694/all_p1420.html

HDCleaner Portable 1.331 Crack With Serial Key Latest 2021

बनाया के रूप में एक नहीं सेटअप संस्करण के HDCleaner, HDCleaner पोर्टेबल है एक हल्के और आश्चर्यजनक रूप से सुविधा संपन्न आवेदन है जिसका लक्ष्य प्राप्त करने के लिए अपने कंप्यूटर ठीक से काम कर रहा का उपयोग आम प्रथाओं: जंक फ़ाइलों को हटाने कि बहुत ज्यादा जगह ले, अनुकूलित वेब ब्राउज़र सेटिंग्स, स्थापना रद्द अप्रयुक्त कार्यक्रमों, और इतना पर.

पूरे आवेदन सूट के बाहर किया जाता है, विभिन्न छोटे उपकरण, के रूप में देखा जा सकता है के भीतर डाउनलोड पैकेज में । हालांकि, सब कुछ है, में लिपटे एक सहज और अच्छी लग रही इंटरफेस के साथ यह संभव बनाता है कि जल्दी करने के लिए बाहर आंकड़ा कैसे एप्लिकेशन को काम करता है.

डैशबोर्ड के एक सिंहावलोकन देता है कुल साफ आइटम, डिवाइस के प्रदर्शन और स्वास्थ्य की जानकारी के साथ-साथ, स्थापित सुरक्षा सॉफ्टवेयर है ।

क्लीनर उपलब्ध हैं के लिए रजिस्ट्री (जैसे फोंट, फ़ायरवॉल, स्वतः आरंभ, साझा फ़ाइलें), वेब ब्राउज़र (जैसे इंटरनेट एक्सप्लोरर इतिहास और कुकीज़, धार डाउनलोड इतिहास और सहेजे गए पासवर्ड), सिस्टम (जैसे उन्नत इंटरनेट के इतिहास पटरियों), और plugins के (जैसे जुआ खेलने के कार्यक्रमों के इतिहास पटरियों). विश्लेषण करने के बाद हार्ड ड्राइव, उपकरण आय के साथ अनुकूलन. ऐसा करने से पहले, आप कर सकते हैं के प्रकार का चयन करने के लिए मुद्दों के द्वारा हल किया जा HDCleaner पोर्टेबल है ।

अनुकूलन सुविधाओं में इस्तेमाल किया जा सकता है Windows बंद करने के लिए तेजी से, गति SSDs, निजीकृत Windows उपस्थिति, और कम करने के लिए देरी समय दुर्घटनाग्रस्त हो जाने से क्षुधा. उदाहरण के लिए, उपकरण के लिए कहा जा सकता का अनुकूलन चिह्न कैश आकार को पुनः आरंभ स्वचालित रूप से खोल पर दुर्घटना, और अक्षम कम डिस्क स्थान सूचनाएं.

इस बीच, लाइव ट्यूनिंग विकल्प की जिम्मेदारी है के प्रदर्शन को अधिकतम करने के द्वारा स्वचालित रूप से लागू करने tweaks. यह निगरानी कर सकते हैं स्वचालित प्रविष्टियों के साथ-साथ, सिस्टम और ब्राउज़र.

इन सभी कार्यों और कई अन्य लोगों से पहुँचा जा सकता है पिछले टैब के मुख्य अनुप्रयोग विंडो में, जहां यह संभव है खोजने के लिए, हटाने और डुप्लिकेट फ़ाइलें, क्षुधा की स्थापना रद्द करें, की मरम्मत अवैध शॉर्टकट, विभाजन फ़ाइलों defragment डिस्क, रजिस्ट्री का बैक अप का उपयोग करें, एक कार्य प्रबंधक, फाइलों चूरे, और अधिक.

कार्यक्रम काम किया है, त्रुटि के बिना विंडोज 10 पर हमारे परीक्षणों में और बाहर किए गए कार्यों को सफलतापूर्वक जबकि शेष पर प्रकाश सिस्टम संसाधनों की खपत । हालांकि वहाँ रहे हैं कई इसी तरह की प्रणाली tweakers वहाँ से बाहर, HDCleaner पोर्टेबल कई विशेषताएं है, में पैक किया जाता है एक सहज ज्ञान युक्त इंटरफेस है, और यह नि: शुल्क का उपयोग करने के लिए किसी के द्वारा.

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logfile.* - deletes every file with name logfile

DetectFile=File or Folder to detect a program by the presence of a File or Folder

Detect=Registry key to detect a program by the presence of a Registry key

FileKeyX=Indicates the files or folders to be deleted

File mask options:


REMOVESELF - same as RECURSE but it deletes the folder and all its contents also. Example: %ProgramFiles%\MyFolder RECURSE - deletes recursive all log and txt files





RegKey1=HKCU\Software\MyRegistryKeyToDelete logfile.* - deletes every file with name logfile


: Hdcleaner kurt zimmermann - Crack Key For U

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Hdcleaner kurt zimmermann - Crack Key For U
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Hdcleaner kurt zimmermann - Crack Key For U
Hdcleaner kurt zimmermann - Crack Key For U

• Overview page

Cleanup Summary

Here you will find a summary of all previous HDCleaner activities.

Device performance and integrity

Driver problems often lead to error messages, crashes or blue screens in Windows. HDCleaner recognizes these problems and by clicking on 'Information' this device is usually marked with a small exclamation mark.

System start & shutdown

Shows how many seconds your PC needs for a boot or shutdown. If you click on 'Information', programs will also be displayed which impair this system start-up or shutdown process.

Disk status

HDCleaner checks your drives for hard drive errors and corrects them if required. By clicking on 'Information' detailed information is displayed.

Installed security software shows you the installed anti-virus program, anti-spyware program and installed firewall. The state of the system recovery is analyzed and can easily be activated when deactivated.

Security center - HDCleaner checks the status of important security areas and shows a corresponding warning in the event of problems (e.g. not updated virus protection program). Checks the state of the firewall, automatic updates, antivirus, antispyware,

Internet settings, user account control (UAC), Windows Security Center service and all areas of the Windows Security Center. If the security center is deactivated, you can simply activate it here.

System information - information about RAM, CPU, operating system and graphics card. Detailed information by clicking on 'Information'

• Clean up

Cleanup Assistant

HDCleaner offers 3 cleaning modes to clean your PC - simple cleaning, standard cleaning and advanced cleaning.

Easy cleanup - HDCleaner automatically searches for internet traces and junk files that can be easily deleted. No user settings are necessary for this.

Standard Cleanup - This option is for the standard user. The user determines which plugins should be deleted. Only the most common plugins are displayed.

Advanced cleanup - Expert mode is made for the savvy user. The user determines which plugins should be deleted. All plugins are displayed.

Under Manage Cookies . you determine which cookies should be excluded from the cleaning process.

Easy cleanup

Determine the browsers from which internet traces, history and cookies are removed and determine whether the trash is emptied, whether temporary system files, temporary internet files and temporary application data should be removed. Then click 'Clean Now' to start the cleaning process.

Standard or advanced cleanup

Determine the plugins or modules to be cleaned in the settings of the browser cleaner, system cleaner, plugin cleaner or registry cleaner. In order to include the browser cleaners, system cleaners, plug-in cleaners or registry cleaners in the analysis or cleaning process, the respective checkbox must be activated.

To start the analysis process, click on 'Analyze now. To start the cleaning process click on 'Clean the PC' and follow the instructions.

After the analysis, you can list the objects to be deleted under Details and select / deselect results individually using the checkboxes and then start the cleaning process.

To show the Cleanup Assistant, click on 'Show Cleanup Assistant'.

• Data destruction

The deletion options are set in the Options dialog box

Permanently delete files

All selected files and folders are deleted according to international standards, so that the deleted data on the data carrier can no longer be restored.

Overwrite free space on partition

No existing files or data are deleted, only the areas marked as free on the hard disk are overwritten so that they can no longer be reconstructed. Define the deletion method under 'Options'.

Overwrite ALL data on the partition

All files and data on the partition are deleted so that they can no longer be reconstructed! Once deleted, you will need to reformat the partition in order to use it. Define the deletion method under 'Options'.

SECURE DELETION of data carriers (SSD, hard disk, stick .)

SAFE DELETE deletes all data on an SSD and marks the cells as empty. This will reset the SSD to factory settings and peak performance, and this will only take a few seconds.

A hard drive wipe erases all data on the hard drive. This can take several hours. NOTE: The data can no longer be restored! After deleting all partitions, you have to create at least one partition and THEN format it.



The uninstaller removes software, apps and optional features that are no longer required from your computer and frees up additional space on the drive.

Autostart programs

Optimize Windows system start. Disable programs that run automatically when the system boots or logs on.

System recovery

A system restore will restore your system settings to an earlier point in time. Your files will not be deleted or changed.

Browser Helper Objects (BHO)

Browser helper objects (BHO) are computer programs that expand the functions of the browser. Remove or disable unnecessary or dubious BHOs.

System information

The system diagnostic tool shows all relevant system parameters and software information.

Hardware information

The system diagnostics tool shows all relevant hardware information.

•Hard disk


DiskDoctor checks your hard drive and fixes any errors found


Improve PC performance by defragmenting and rearranging files on the hard drive.


DiskAnalysis lists the largest videos, music files, images and archive files that use the most space.

Invalid link files

Search for broken links that point to an incorrect folder or file name.

Duplicate files

Search entire hard drives, storage media or just individual directories for duplicate files.

Swap file

The pagefile.sys file serves as a memory reserve when other memory resources in the memory become scarce.

Delete unimportant files from the hard drive

With increasing use, more and more unnecessary files accumulate on Windows systems.

Storage manager

The file and storage manager shows how much hard disk space files or entire folders take up.

• Tools

Recover deleted files

Recover emails, photos, videos, PDF documents and various other deleted files.


Clearly display the structure of all your data, files, folders and directories as a website (.html).

AES - encrypt files

Encrypt your sensitive data with 256-bit AES encryption.

File splitter

Splits large files into several small parts so that they fit, for example, on data carriers with limited memory, such as CDs or floppy disks.

ADS scanner

ADS-Scanner searches NTFS drives to detect alternative data streams. It is an NTFS technology that allows malware or other applications to hide files and data from Explorer and other file management programs. The latest browser hijackers have used ADS to hide their files, and few anti-malware scanners recognize it. Use the ADS scanner to find and remove these streams.

Rename files

Rename multiple files at once, e.g. remove any characters or replace text .

• Registry

Search the registry

Quickly and specifically search the registry using detailed search options. All hits are clearly displayed in a list and can be sorted, deleted or exported as desired.

Backup and restore of the Windows registry

The Windows registry is the basis for the entire Windows configuration. It is a hierarchically structured database that contains everything that is relevant for the smooth operation of your computer.

Defragment the registry

Reorganizes your registry to avoid database problems. In addition to saving storage space, this also leads to faster access times and thus enables overall faster work.


Maximum performance through live tuning and automatic storage cleaning

With HDCleaner you can set up the automatic monitoring and cleaning of your Internet browser when closing and the automatic storage space cleaning of your PC.

Live tuner changes the process priorities of individual applications to speed up their start-up process.

Monitor autorun entries in real time. If a hdcleaner kurt zimmermann - Crack Key For U enters the autostart routine, you will be informed.

Automatic memory optimization with or without notice. (Period adjustable under options)

System monitoring cleans up your PC after reaching a defined threshold (period can be set under Options)

Browser monitoring monitors your browser and can automatically clean your browser files and settings when you close your browser or ask if you want to clean it up.

When you activate automatic monitoring, an icon is displayed in the taskbar.

• Backup center

Before making changes to your system, a backup of the deleted elements is created on request. So you can easily restore them in case of problems.

HDCleaner can create backups for the following modules:

Registry Cleaner, Remove Unnecessary Files, Autorun Manager, Search Registry and PluginCleaner (registry entries only).

You can easily reset these fuses if necessary.

To do this, determine the backup you want to restore and click on 'Restore' to restore the complete backup. Click 'Open' to restore individual items from it or click 'Delete' to delete the backup in the trash.


Clone hard drive or SSD

This process copies the entire contents of a hard disk drive to another drive in order to get two identical drives with the same file structure, so it effectively copies all the contents from one hard disk to another hard disk. This process enables you to transfer all data (including the operating system and installed programs) from one hard drive to another without having to reinstall and configure all of your software.

To do this, determine the source disk and the target disk and then click on 'Start'.

Please note that when the cloning process is started, all data on the target disk is deleted and cannot be restored.



Set the language.

Available languages: German, English, Polish, France, Hungary, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Korean, Slovak, Indonesian, Czech, Greek, Romanian, Hindi, Italian, Netherlands, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Japan, Arabic and Russian.

Jump to dashboard at hdcleaner kurt zimmermann - Crack Key For U - Determine whether HDCleaner opens with the overview page or the last opened page.

Determine whether to delete files from the Recycle Bin that are older than 24 hours.

Determine whether files are deleted from the Temp folder that are older than 24 hours.

Determine whether files are deleted from the SoftwareDistribution folder that are older than 10 days.

Determine whether HDCleaner should automatically check for HDCleaner updates.

User account control Ignore warning (ignore UAC) - For security reasons, a warning message appears before many system changes and program starts, which must be confirmed. You can switch off this query of the user account control for HDCleaner.

Show warnings - Some plugins have warnings that indicate the consequences of activation. You can also deactivate these warnings.

Update system clean time - Set the update time when monitoring the system clean.

Optimize memory update time - Set the update time when optimizing memory.

Determine how HDCleaner deletes the files when cleaning the plugins:

-Delete files not trash

-Delete files in the trash

- files will be destroyed (see 'destroy data')

When Windows starts, HDCleaner should

-Take no action

- Start cleaning and exit HDCleaner

- Start cleaning and minimize HDCleaner in the system tray

Determine TweakBit PCCleaner Free Download to monitor

- Large information windows are displayed in the notification area

-Sound be activated for notifications

- Set the notification time for messages in seconds

Backup center

HDCleaner can create backups for the following modules:

Registry Cleaner, Remove Unnecessary Files, Autorun Manager, Search Registry and PluginCleaner (registry entries only).

You can easily reset these fuses if necessary.

Ignore list

Determine files, folders and registry values ​​that should not be removed during the cleaning process. Wildcards (e.g. * software *) are allowed.


Determine other files and folders to be removed during the cleaning process. Wildcards (e.g. * software *) are allowed.

Context menu

Extend the context menu of the Explorer with HDCleaner:

-Add HDCleaner to the context menu of the Explorer

-Add HDCleaner to the context menu of the Recycle Bin

Destroy files

If you want to destroy files, overwrite free space, delete data on the partition or delete drives so that the data is securely deleted, you can select default settings.

Pseudorandom data

US DoD 5220.22-M (8-306. / E)

US DoD 5220.22-M (8-306. / E, C and E) "

Schneier's 7 pass



Start cleaning on a schedule - set schedule:

- run when logging in,

- Daily execution

-Weekly execution

-Monthly execution

Under Settings you determine which browsers and plugins should be cleaned.

NOTE: For the scheduling to work, the Windows Task Scheduler service must be running 


Determine which user profiles HDCleaner should clean up

-Only the current user

-All user profiles

- Selected users: Specify a user and then click on 'Deactivate user' to exclude the user profile from the cleaning process.

Available plugins

List of all plugins supported by HDCleaner

•Advanced Usage

HDCleaner Command-line parameters:

"C:\Program Files\HDCleaner\HDCleaner.exe" /debug

Running HDCleaner in debug mode creates a log file in the installation folder with information of HDCleaner's activities for troubleshooting.

More HDCleaner Command-line parameters:

Parameter Explanation Example

HDCleaner.exe /S This performs a silent install of HDCleaner with default options. HDCleaner.exe /S

HDCleaner.exe /D=<pathname> This installs HDCleaner into a different folder than the default. HDCleaner.exe /D=C:\DirectoryToInstall

Note: You can use multiple parameters by including them on the same line. For example,

HDCleaner.exe /S /D=C:\DirectoryToInstall

would install HDCleaner silently to the C:\DirectoryToInstall folder.

Information about HDCleaner INI files:

INI files must be stored in Unicode format.

Duplicate plugin names cause the program to crash.

Additional INI files must be located in the application installation folder (typically, C:\Program Files\HDCleaner).

With Winapp2.ini you can add entries for new software that HDCleaner can clean.

With Winapp1.ini any applications you list there will replace the default applications on the Applications tab.

With Winsys1.ini any entries you list there will replace the default applications on the Windows tab.

By default, none of the INI files exist when you first hdcleaner kurt zimmermann - Crack Key For U the application.

LangSecRef gives the matching category:

3091 = Games

3021 = Applications

3022 = Internet

3023 = Multimedia

3024 = Utilities

3025 = Windows

3026 = Firefox

3027 = Opera

3028 = Safari

3029 = Google Chrome

3030 = Thunderbird

3031 = Windows Store

4060 = SRWare Iron

3005 = microsoftedge

3001 = Internet Explorer

3002 = WindowsExplorer

3004 = Advanced

3003 = System

4065 = ChromiumBrowser

4066 = Vivaldi

4067 = CentBrowser

4068 = EpicBrowser

4069 = SlimJetBrowser

4070 = 7StarBrowser

4071 = AmigoBrowser

4072 = CoolNovoBrowser

4073 = CocCocBrowser

4074 = CooWonBrowser

4075 = YandexBrowser hdcleaner kurt zimmermann - Crack Key For U = 360Browser

4077 = KMeleon

4078 = Waterfox

4079 = Iridium

4080 = SeaMonkey

4081 = Pale Moon

Example: LangSecRef = 3003 - the application should be listed in the System category

Section - Defines the category of the entry if the category is not listed in LangSecRef.

Any value can be provided for Section keys.


Section =MyLogfilesSection




PictBear - Nowadays, a majority of PC users resort to digital image editing once in a while. It may be required for retouching image captured in smart phones or for creating an album in Facebook. For some people, tinkering with digital images is a pastime .

Autodesk Smoke - Autodesk is the company well known for making some of the most feature rich and versatile tools for 3D modeling, animation and engineering design related work. Its Smoke is a Mac OS specific app that is aimed at professionals involved in .

SlimCleaner - Nearly all PC users need to use various utilities to enhance performance of their laptop or desktop from time to time. Windows inbuilt utilities can serve the purpose but when you can find more capable third party apps at low or zero cost, why .

RawTherapee - There are so many image editors out there but when it comes to powerful and versatile RAW file editors, the choices are somewhat limited. With Adobe switching to Cloud-based subscriptions for most of its apps, semiprofessional users including .

McAfee AntiVirus Plus - In PC security sector, McAfee is a big name. Along with Symantec, this is one of the contenders catering to the PC users for a long time. However, with time, several new contenders have appeared on horizon and some of them are giving the old .

Freemake Video Converter - Hdcleaner kurt zimmermann - Crack Key For U conversion can become a necessity for average PC users who find it increasingly hard to manage an ever growing collection of media hdcleaner kurt zimmermann - Crack Key For U video files. The DVDs, videos obtained from web and clips shot with mobile devices keep growing. Over .

MAGIX Video easy - Editing videos was a complicated task even a few years back and it was restricted to studios and post production areas in general. However, advancements in computer technology and advent of numerous portable video capture devices have made things .

MacPilot - The Mac OS contains many advanced features that can make computing a different experience altogether. However, not all Mac users are aware of such deep rooted features of the Apple OS. The usual surface customizations are what most of them remain .

Pixelmator - There is no denying the fact that Mac users are often left with fewer third party app choices than those who use Windows based PCs. However, when it comes to imaging, the situation is a little better. If you want a versatile image editor for Mac .

Reallusion iClone - Nowadays, there is no scarcity of 3D animation and modeling software in market. However, not all such apps are user friendly and easy on hdcleaner kurt zimmermann - Crack Key For U. If you want an intuitive and capable tool for making 3D animations without requiring much time, give .

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RECURSE - deletes recursive all log and txt files





RegKey1=HKCU\Software\MyRegistryKeyToDelete myfile.txt excludes myfile.txt from being deleted.

ExcludeKey2=REG valuetoDelete - deletes Registry Value valuetoDelete

RegKey2=HKCU\Software\MyRegistryKeyToDelete\RegKeyToDelete - deletes Registry Key RegKeyToDelete

How to add Chromium based browsers, portable Chromium based browsers, Mozilla based browsers or ThunderbirdPortable to HDCleaner:

Create a ini-file named AddedBrowsers.ini in Unicode format in the installation folder. The entries must have the following format:

[Name of Chromium ( or Mozilla or ThunderbirdPortable) based browser *]

PathExeFile=This is the exe file name of the browser

PathUserDataDefault=Path to Default user data folder




















[ThunderbirdPortable *]




• Cookies

A cookie is a small text file that a web server stores on a user's computer using the browser. It contains information about the visit to a website, for example about the duration of the visit, which page was visited or what the visitor entered. 

 In online shops, cookies are used to create a virtual shopping basket in which the customer places his goods. In between, he can still search for products in the shop. In these cases, the use of cookies saves time and money. Cookies can also be used to log a user's usage habits and create user profiles. 

When you run the cleanup, by default HDCleaner deletes all cookies for all your web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.) with the exception hdcleaner kurt zimmermann - Crack Key For U the cookies in the 'Keep cookies' column, which can be found in 'Manage cookies .' located. 

To save certain cookies on your PC: 

In 'Clean up' click on 'Manage cookies .' Select the cookies you want to keep and then with the real mouse button click on 'Keep cookies'.

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