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How to pick the right rug size

There are few items quite like a rug for introducing what is likely to be some highly appreciated colour, warmth and humanity to an interior space. But there’s one visual element of a rug, other than its design, that can have a particularly dramatic effect on its impact; namely, its size.

You won’t wish to purchase a rug for your home that’s small enough to look WEB Design › HTML Editors - Crack Key For U in the space where you place it, or that’s so large that it overwhelms the room.

Making the right choice of rug size can be a complicated task, however. After all, it isn’t just the dimensions of your room that you’ll have to take into account, but also its shape and the positioning of the furniture. So, what factors will you need to consider when determining the size of your rug?

Standard sizes can provide a helpful baseline

Although we are proud to give you the benefit of a completely bespoke service when you order a rug from us, there are various common standard rug sizes that might help to give you a sense of the most appropriate dimensions for your custom made rug.

80cm x 150cm, for example – or 2’7” x 4’11” – is a common smaller size of rug that is slightly larger than the typical coffee table, thereby making it a sound WEB Design › HTML Editors - Crack Key For U for compact spaces.

However, mass-produced rugs can also be as large as 280cm x 360cm or 9’2” x 11’10”. This is a long, wide rectangular shape that you might use with big corner sofas, or as an area rug in a large living room with multiple floating sofas.

What ‘rules’ should you follow when picking a rug size?

A commonly cited rule for those desiring a large area rug that fills the majority of the intended floor space is to allow for an approximately 18-inch gap between the edges of the rug and the walls. This creates a border of bare flooring that will provide an appealing visual contrast.

But of course, this 18-inch rule won’t work so well for smaller spaces, in which a gap of that size would leave the room looking too bare. You might, therefore, try an eight to 10-inch rule for such more compact parts of the home.

There are also WEB Design › HTML Editors - Crack Key For U frequently recommended rug layouts for specific room types. If you are seeking a rug for the living room, for instance, you might opt to have all legs of all of the room’s floating furniture on the rug, in which case, an especially large rug will be required.

Alternatively, if one edge of your furniture grouping is against a wall rather than floating, you might go for an arrangement whereby only the front legs of each piece of furniture will be on the rug. In that situation, you might choose to have a somewhat smaller rug.

Meanwhile, for especially small or narrow spaces, there’s also the possibility of having a rug that only the coffee table is WEB Design › HTML Editors - Crack Key For U to sit on. This layout naturally lends itself well to a small rug that paradoxically plays off a room’s scale to make the space feel bigger.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for specific guidance

Whatever the design, type or size of rug that you would like us to create, we can advise you on the choices that may best suit your needs, and help you to envisage the final rug in your space.

Simply call +44 (0) 1666 715151 now, or email [email protected] for further information or to request a competitive quote.

Источник: https://amykent.co.uk/how-to-pick-the-right-rug-size/

Following the success of incubation programs like Y-Combinator, 500 Startups and Techstars in the US, China is setting up its own batch of start-up houses. A new acceleration program called Chinaccelerator (a member of Techstars network) based in Dalian is starting to generate buzz.

I’m a big fan of WEB Design › HTML Editors - Crack Key For U programs because I think it’s fundamentally important for entrepreneurs and start-ups to be surrounded with like minded people who can support and propel you. So I interviewed Cyril Ebersweiler, one of the founders of Chinaccelerator to see how they are helping entrepreneurs in China.

Chinaccelerator based in Dalian in Liaoning province, is a 4 month startup accelerator, starting from June. In exchange for 4-8% equity, the program offers support in the form of:

10,000 CNY per founder (for 3 founders at max).
Extra budget of 10,000 CNY per company (for research, sales, marketing, product development, etc…).
Intense mentorship from the best.
Free space, some extra electronics and even some food.
Geeks on a train!
A chance to pitch investors at demo day.
Cyril’s story

Originally from France, Cyril first came to China in 1998 to backpack. Later on he built the first ecommerce platform for Carrefour China as well as built the online infrastructure and service center for European airline, AF-KLM. After stints in China, he moved to Japan to work for ad agency, TBWA to work on major accounts like Nissan, Nokia, Adidas and Cartier as their marketing and technology advisor. Later back in China and after building another agency for TBWA from scratch, Cyril met his Chinaccelerator partner, Sean O’Sullivan (who went IPO with Mapinfo in the 90’s).

Dalian – less distraction, lowers costs and a big talent pool

When most people think of the heart of the filmorago crack industry in China, they think Zhonguancun in Beijing. Hence many people are surprised to learn that Chinaccelerator is based in Dalian, a city of sun and sea.

But since Cyril is also a mentor for Techstars and 500 Startups in America as well as a VC for SOSV, he knows the importance of focus. “Sometimes location can be a distraction. We also want to put people out of their comfort zones.” Said Cyril. He believes that start-ups will be more inclined to live and breathe their start-up all day when living in Dalian, rather than simply going to the office and back home. “Coming to Dalian shows dedication to the summer program, plus enables constant peer mentoring.“

In addition to the lower level of distractions, Dalian provides a more comfortable climate for people to live and relax. But more importantly, the costs of doing business in Dalian are lower. There is also a large community of programmers in Dalian since many international companies have offices there such as Intel, IBM, Oracle and HP. Start-ups are able to tap into the talent pool to build their teams.

In this current batch, start-ups come from Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, Hangzhou and there are also two foreign teams.

Helping entrepreneurs take the risk and jump into start-ups

“In China, it is rare to find people that quit job and jump into startups so we help people take the risk and move forward. Chinaccelerator helps by providing a small cash injection as well as finding a place to live and building a team in Dalian. We are trying to disrupt how things are done in China by focusing on innovation.”

About the people

When selecting start-ups, Cyril says they first focus is on people who are talented and determined. Next is the demo and product because this separates the talkers from the doers. Lastly, they look at how interesting the start-up solutions are to solving big problems.

Making them fail early (if necessary)

The most valuable thing that Cyril feels the program offers is strong mentorship from seasoned professionals. “Many entrepreneurs are optimists and think things are easy but we give them a lot of reality checking and help them work through issues. We help them create a metric-driven company to show them where they are and where they’re going. We make them fail early if necessary and kick their ass to make them move quickly and get feedback from customers. They need to know they can’t automatically expect WEB Design › HTML Editors - Crack Key For U million users straight away, it takes work.

Often companies will change their idea, or change parts of it and some entrepreneurs find it difficult to change. We prepare them to adapt – change is going to happen for sure, it depends to what extent”.

More start-up programs = more start-ups

With more and more start-up programs popping up around China, I asked Cyril if he sees the others as competitors or partners. “We are both competitors and helping each other because although we all want the best start-ups, the more programs there are, the more entrepreneurs and more momentum we have. Competition is marginal and depends on location and focus.

The biggest difference we have is that the program was built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The founders of this program have sold several companies and also gone IPO. Secondly, we are focusing on innovation. Thirdly we believe start-ups should be out of their comfort zone to evolve. Being in Dalian is a part of that.

We are noticing more Chinese teams targeting foreign markets because they are returnees, especially from America. Also more and more different nationalities are teaming up.”

Past and present teams

Last year three of the companies raised a combined $1.1m. Two companies are still working on their products and one died.

This year the program is made up of 7 Chinese teams, 1 from Canada and 1 from Malaysia. Frank Yu’s Kwestr and Ben Ba’s Sportsbet start-ups are a part of this year’s batch.

Helping entrepreneurs strive

“We simply want to help entrepreneurs strive. We profoundly believe in Chinese entrepreneurs and believe changing the world will be in their hands to solve problems of tomorrow and we want to be part of that.” Said Cyril.

Источник: https://chinaccelerator.com/chinaaccelerator-incubating-start-ups-in-the-sun-and-sea-of-dalian/


Vous pouvez prévisualiser avant de passer en direct. Le petit plus, c’est qu’on retrouve beaucoup de series mettant en scène des youtubeurs. Les streaming en direct se sont révélées être vues deux fois plus longtemps que les vidéos classiques. Quand il s’agit de visionner des vidéos de jeux, Youtube est encore maître. Ce qui offre à ceux qui ont manqué la diffusion en ligne de se rattraper plus tard. Vous voulez vous refaire toute la filmographie WEB Design › HTML Editors - Crack Key For U ou remater un film diffusé des réalisateurs? C’est ici que ça se passe. Le concept de la plateforme [B][url=https://voir-films.net]Serie streaming[/url][/B] gratuit et complet HD va complètement à l’opposé de la tendance voir-films. Elle offre à la place un catalogue universel de films et séries de qualité, même s’ils ont déjà été aperçus à la télévision. Parmi eux See. Qu’il s’agisse de musique, de tutoriels ou simplement pour des vidéos d’humour, presque tout le monde a déjà visité pour une raison ou une autre. Bien qu’il s’agisse d’une application autonome, vous pouvez l’utiliser avec Pinterest en vous connectant avec vos informations. C’est surtout son prix défiant toute concurrence qui en fait un realisateur à part !

Il a été démontré qu’un téléspectateur sur cinq regarde régulièrement les diffusions en ligne. Elle devrait arriver chez nous courant de l’année 2018. Apple TV+ est la nouvelle plateforme qui vient d’arriver en Espagne. Même si ses productions personnelles et sa sélection de séries compensent largement son manque d’ambition du côté des films. C’est donc définitivement l’option à suivre voir-films. Beaucoup s’y abonnent d’abord pour éviter les publicités intempestives lorsqu’ils regardent un clip, mais il est également possible de retrouver WEB Design › HTML Editors - Crack Key For U films et des séries Youtube Originals. Si Netflix s’est imposé comme un véritable rouleau compresseur en matière d’offre de streaming payant, avec une offre avantageuse, des contenus inédits et une version mobile ultra pratique, on n’a trop souvent tendance à oublier qu’elle n’est pas la seule plateforme du genre. Ce nom ne vous dit rien? Pourtant la plateforme car tonne aux États-Unis, avec plus de 20 millions d’abonnés. Chaque film n’est disponible que pendant un années. Dernièrement, à l’affiche, vous pourrez vous organiser une soirée devant votre écran et de voir [B][url=https://voir-films.net/serie-streaming]voir serie[/url][/B] qualite full HD gratuit français en ligne voir-films. Parmi elles : Under The Water ou American God. Vous devez activer la diffusion en direct en parcourant les outils du studio créateur, puis sélectionner la diffusion en ligne. La première des meilleures plateformes de diffusion en direct. Ce site numérique auquel beaucoup sont devenus totalement addict, possède même une faille de taille : sa proposition filmique. Bref, des contenus exclusifs et décalés qu’on ne retrouve nulle part ailleurs. Avant de commencer à faire de la diffusion en ligne sur YouTube vous devez d’abord vous assurer que vous n’avez pas été soumis à des restrictions sur votre compte au WEB Design › HTML Editors - Crack Key For U des 80 derniers jours. A ce stade, vous pouvez voir ce qu’espèrent les internautes. Vous avez également la possibilité de modifier vos paramètres de diffusion en ligne; ce qui vous permet de rendre vos sections live visibles par tous, par certains ou seulement par un seul de vos abonnés.

Toutes les pages et les profils peuvent utiliser l’installation. De même, l’ajout de groupes et d’événements vous donne tant de rejoindre les personnes au-delà de votre propre liste d’amis. Tous les mastodontes du cinéma se retrouvent à la tête de la start-up : Warner, NBC, Disney,… Hulu ne joue pas, comme Netflix, sur les créations originales et les exclusivités. La plateforme mise donc davantage sur la qualité que sur la quantité. On est loin de la boulimie de contenus. Vous pouvez même effectuer un ciblage géographique; ce qui est idéal pour les personnes qui utilisent le service afin d’atteindre leurs objectifs commerciaux. Ces 3 alternatives qui risquent bien de mettre à mal votre love story avec Netflix. L’utilisation des réseaux sociaux est un excellent moyen de faire regardez vos ESET Smart Security Premium Download - Crack Key For U de diffusion en ligne. D’ailleurs, des personnalités telles que Damien Chazelle ont déjà accepté de travailler avec Apple. C’est le concurrent ligne de Netflix. Malheureusement, comme son rival, Amazon donne un catalogue beaucoup plus mince en Espagne qu’aux États-Unis. Dès qu’un film apparaît, un autre est supprimé pour lui laisser la place. Etant donné que vous avez le contrôle sur qui voit vos vidéos, vous pouvez cibler les joueurs dans votre liste d’amis sans pour autant empêcher les autres qui seront moins intéressés, de vous suivre. Si vous conaissez quelqu’un qui n’a jamais entendu parler de Youtube, c’est qu’elle a dû vivre dans une grotte depuis au moins une décennie. C’est la plateforme de référence pour les amoureux de cinéma pour regarder [B][url=https://voir-films.net/film-en-streaming]films en streaming[/url][/B] HD complet et gratuit en ligne cherchent à regardez des films en haute qualité. Étant la plus grande plate-forme de réseau social, Pinterest live streaming présente de nombreux avantages et pourrait en fait être la meilleure plate-forme de streaming live pour trop. Pour les inconditionnels du cinéma français, une cinquantaine de producteurs et distributeurs français indépendants ont lancé une plateforme de VOD qui fêtera bientôt ses 20 ans (quelle avant-gardisme!). On retrouve aussi des series récentes ou très rares.

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Источник: https://queenofhoxton.com/cocktails/

Hondureños indignados se fueron a las calles a protestar contra la corrupción e impunidad y exigen la renuncia del presidente Juan Hernández, por el multimillonario desfalco contra el Instituto Hondureño de Seguridad Social.

Redacción Central / EL LIBERTADOR

Tegucigalpa. Decenas de miles de personas abarrotaron las calles de la capital de Honduras para exigir la renuncia del presidente Juan Hernándezy la Instalación de la Comisión Internacional Contra la Impunidad.

El Movimiento Indignados Honduras realizó este viernes la quinta marcha de las antorchas en rechazo a la corrupción y el desfalco al Instituto Hondureño de Seguridad Social (IHSS) que asciende a más de dos mil millones de lempiras.

Los manifestantes se dirigieron a Casa Presidencial, donde miembros del movimiento realizan desde el pasado lunes una huelga de hambre.

Las consignas de los Indignados también revolucionaron las redes sociales, de hecho, las etiquetas #TeVasPorqueTeVas y #RenunciaJOHhan arrasado con centenares de comentarios contra la actual administración.

La multitudinaria marcha llegó a la sede del Poder Ejecutivo, donde fueron recibidos por los jóvenes en huelga de hambre y por unos tres mil policías y militares que fueron enviados a resguardar las instalaciones de Casa Presidencial.

Días atrás, el presidente Hernández pidió a la ONU que medie para instalar el diálogo nacional, orientado a escuchar a todos los bandos; aunque no se ha tomado en cuenta a los Indignados y sus líderes que este lunes cumplirán una semana sin probar alimentos.

Las protestas se han intensificado en los últimos días tras el informe presentado por una comisión legislativa, en el que aseguran que el Partido Nacional, de Juan Hernández, recibió cerca de 94 mil dólares (más de dos millones de lempiras) del Seguro Social durante la campaña electoral. 

Sin embargo, denuncias efectuadas por Radio Globo, señalan que el instituto político recibió varios millones de lempirasa través de cheques emitidos por empresas de maletín, que sustrajeron dinero del IHSS. 

Источник: http://www.web.ellibertador.hn/index.php/noticias/nacionales/218-multitudinaria-marcha-de-los-

Covid 19 – Our Statement

We have everything in place to meet the government guidelines:

View Five Steps to Safer Working Together

View The Bakery Risk Assessment

View The Coffee Shops Risk Assessment

View The Crown and Garter Risk Assessment

View The Crown and Garter Kitchen Risk Assessment

View The Saddleback Farm Shop Risk Assessment

“Where the social distancing guidelines cannot be followed in full”  the business needs to “take all the mitigating actions possible to reduce the risk of transmission between their staff”.
“Further mitigating actions” include:

  • Increasing the frequency of hand washing and surface cleaning.
  • Keeping the activity time involved as short as possible.
  • Using screens or barriers to separate people from each other.
  • Using back-to-back or side-to-side working (rather than face-to-face) whenever possible.
  • Reducing the number of people each person has contact with by using ‘fixed teams or partnering’ (so each person works with WEB Design › HTML Editors - Crack Key For U a few others).

” No one is obliged to work in an unsafe work environment.”

Источник: https://honestygroup.co.uk/covid-19-statement/


In this Magento 2 tutorial, we will show you five simple steps to add a contact form to your CMS page (e.g.: Contact us page) in Magento 2. Let's get started!

Step 1: Add new CMS Page

Open your Magento 2 admin panel, navigate to CONTENT, select Pages(under Element), then click on Add New Pagebutton. (Admin Panel > CONTENT > Pages > Add New Page) WEB Design › HTML Editors - Crack Key For U src="https://www.tigren.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/add-contact-form-on-cms-page-magento-2-1024x792.png" alt="add contact form on cms page magento 2" width="1024" height="792">

Step 2: Add information for the CMS page

Here, you need to enter the Page Title, URL Key, Meta Title, Meta Keyword, Meta Description and select the store view(s) where the page belongs to. add contact form on cms page magento 2

Step 3: Add content (HTML) to the CMS page:

It's up to you to add more information to the Content section. contact form magento 2For example, you can insert the Google Maps as the followings: firstly, visiting the Google Maps, search for your location; secondly, click on Share, select Embed a map and click on COPY HTML; and finally, paste the link to your HTML Content.

magento 2 how to create contact form Step 4: Add the contact form to the CMS page

You can change the title for each field in the contact form. In your source code: app/design/frontend/company/name_theme/ new folder: Magento_Contact app/design/frontend/company/name_theme/Magento_Contact/ new folder: templates app/design/frontend/company/name_theme/Magento_Contact/templates/ new file: form.phtml. In this file, you can customize the form to your need. Then, to insert the contact form to the CMS page that we are creating, you just need to add: to the Contentsection.

Step 5: Save the page

Eventually, remember to save the configuration and flush cache (or run the command: php bin/magento cache:flush). We have given you the detailed instruction to easily add a custom contact form to your CMS Page. If you have any difficulties when following the instruction, be free to leave a comment below. See you in the next tutorial. [ratings]   Related Posts:

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The Time To Upgrade To Magento 2 Is NOW

How To Configure SMTP In Magento 2? [5 minutes]

Источник: http://dev.tigren.com/blog/contact-form-cms-page-magento-2.html

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