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Covid patients taking antidepressants are up to 30% less likely to die from the virus, study claims

Antidepressants could cut the risk of dying from Covid, research suggests.

Scientists in the US tracked the health of nearly 85,000 volunteers during the first year of the pandemic.

They picked out 3,401 who were prescribed selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and compared them to similar adults.

Results showed patients taking fluoxetine, branded as Prozac and sold for as little as 4p a pill, were 28 per cent less likely to die of Covid.

The effect was also visible among adults taking fluvoxamine, marketed as Luvox.

Doctors at the University of California, San Francisco, who carried out the research, said the results were 'encouraging'.

Scientists found that taking fluoxetine, branded as Prozac and sold for 4p a pill, slashed the risk of death in Covid patients by 28 per cent
The powerful effects were also visible in adults taking Luvox, priced at 29p a pill, who had the risk slashed by 26 per cent

Scientists found that taking fluoxetine, branded as Prozac and sold for 4p a pill, slashed the risk of death in Covid patients by 28 per cent. The powerful effects were also visible in adults taking Luvox, priced at 29p a pill, who had the risk slashed by 26 per cent

How does Fluvoxamine work to treat Covid? 

Fluvoxamine is a drug usually used to treat depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and other mental illnesses by boosting serotonin levels in the brain.

But it also has an anti-inflammatory effect that can be used to curb severe disease with Covid. 

Organs can become damaged when the immune system overreacts to Covid infection, causing itself to attack healthy tissue while trying to fight off the virus — a process known as systemic inflammation. 

The pills help prevent this by activating a protein — the sigma-1 receptor — that prevents the body from producing chemical messages that trigger inflammation.

They also help prevent Covid from triggering a brutal immune response that shuts down the body's main organs known as a cytokine storm.

Cytokines are produced by the body to fight off infection, but too many can result in deadly hyperinflammation, which occurs in the worst cases of coronavirus.

As well as boosting serotonin, Fluvoxamine can trigger the body to elevate melatonin levels — the enzyme that helps regulate sleep.

Melatonin has been shown to help prevent cytokine storms. 

Boosting serotonin can also help stop blood platelets from clumping together, another feature of severe Covid. 


Lead researcher Dr Marina Sirota said: 'We can't tell if the drugs are causing these effects, but the statistical analysis is showing significant association.

'There's power in the numbers.'

Fellow author Tomiko Oskotsy said: 'It's important to find as many options as possible for treating any condition.

'A particular drug or treatment may not work or be well tolerated by everyone.

'Data from electronic medical records allow us to quickly Bentley promis-e Free Activate into existing drugs that could be repurposed for treating Covid or other conditions.'

SSRIs – prescribed to millions of Brits every year – work by boosting the amount of serotonin in the brain, which has a mood-enhancing effect.

But the hormone is also involved in regulating the immune system, and can help prevent it from overreacting and attacking healthy cells, which can be fatal.

Other studies looking at the effects of the drugs in fighting Covid have also shown promise.

The results of the latest study were published in JAMA Network Open.

Researchers combed the Cerner Real World Covid database for patients who had previously caught Covid and were receiving SSRIs.

The Montana-based database is one of the largest collections of anonymised medical records in the world, holding those for some 500,000 patients. 

Patients who had Covid and got SSRIs were grouped based on their age, sex and ethnicity — key risk factors for Covid.

They were compared to others who had Covid and were of a similar windows repair toolbox descargar - Crack Key For U, sex and ethnicity but did not get SSRIs.

Overall, patients who got SSRIs had an eight per cent lower risk of death than those who did not receive the medication. 

It is the latest paper to tout fluvoxamine as a potential treatment for Covid patients to help them get better.

A large Brazilian study suggested last month that the pill slashed the risk of being hospitalised by the disease by a third.

Researchers said at the time that this may be because it is also anti-inflammatory, and helps to calm the immune system.

They suggested it could be deployed in third world countries because it is inexpensive and could give extra protection. 

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The Big Hire: Julie Bentley

Julie Bentley, who will become chief executive of Action for Children on 1 August, has forged a reputation as one of the voluntary sector’s rising stars.

She has spent five-and-a-half years in charge at Girlguiding UK, where she hasn’t been afraid to ruffle feathers: she dropped the charity’s historical allegiance to God and country in the Guides’ Promise and supported the No More Page 3 campaign against The Sun. Less headline-grabbing were a governance review and implementing the organisation’s first five-year strategy.

Bentley spent five years as a postwoman before joining the voluntary sector, where she has had Bentley promis-e Free Activate at the helm of the sexual health charity FPA and the personal safety charity the Suzy Lamplugh Trust. She is a trustee of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations and former vice chair of the housing and homelessness charity Shelter. Bentley was named Most Admired Chief Executive in Third Sector’s Most Admired Charities awards in 2014 and in the same year appeared on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs.

A prolific tweeter, Bentley faces arguably her biggest challenge yet at Action for Children, where income has fallen each year since 2013, from £180m to £160m in 2017. Its 2017 annual report said it faced "a real financial dilemma" caused by cuts in local government funding and increased demand for services. The report described fundraising in 2016 as "disappointing", with legacies, donations and statutory Bentley promis-e Free Activate down. Staff numbers rose from 3,088 in 2016 to 3,757 in 2017. Action for Children began a five-year strategy in 2017.

It remains to be seen how Bentley will approach the £150,000-a-year role: she is declining interviews until she has been in the post for three months. Her predecessor, Sir Tony Hawkhead, left in February because of health issues.

John O’ Brien, chair of trustees at Action for Children, said Bentley would bring "much-valued experience and skills. I know she will help us to make a huge difference to the lives of the children, young people and families we support."


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Stakeholder Dialog

As a major employer in the South Cheshire region, Bentley plays an active role in local stakeholder committees, including Council-led partnerships and the local Chamber of Commerce. Bentley is also a board member of the Northern Automotive Alliance, shaping Bentley promis-e Free Activate strategy for the automotive sector in the North West of England.

Bentley’s corporate website dedicated to corporate issues and the company’s role in the community. The website hosts Bentley’s statement on its approach to addressing the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in the company’s business and supply chains and Gender Pay Status.

Awards 2020

“Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year” – French Festival Automobile International

“Concept car of the year” – GQ Awards

“Top Employer UK” – Top Employer Institute


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Free wedding cars for Ferrari and Bentley! Wang Jianguo and Li Xueqin are not engaged yet, but netizens can’t wait

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Although the owner of a luxury car also sent out such a video, he said that Wang Jianguo and Li Xueqin will provide free wedding team. There are a large number of Rolls-Royce in the team composition, as well as Bentley, Ferrari, etc., all of which are particularly luxurious cars. Not to mention how expensive the rental of the car is. Even the cost of the trailer to the scene will be a huge expense. Most people really dare not say such big words.

Free wedding cars for Ferrari and Bentley! Wang Jianguo and Li Xueqin are not engaged yet, but netizens can’t wait

Everyone is looking forward to the wedding of Wang Jianguo and Li Xueqin, and Wang Jianguo is also working hard for his future happiness. As soon as the finals of the third season of this non-talk show ended, Wang Jianguo began his next stop, which was to join the champion Wang Mian to the TCTF site as a cheering mentor. TCTF is the Tencent Information Security Competition held by Tencent Security, which is a stage for information security enthusiasts and workers to exert their strength. The purpose of inviting big verbal shows to the scene is also very clear. It is to activate the anger at the scene and to make more young people curious about information security. This event will be held today and tomorrow, and interested friends can check it out.

Free wedding cars for Ferrari and Bentley! Wang Jianguo and Li Xueqin are not engaged yet, but netizens can’t wait

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Bentley says access to Europe is crucial as investment decision nears

Geneva: Volkswagen-owned British car brand Bentley is due to make its next major investment decision on a new model around the start of next year and unfettered access to Europe is vitally important, its boss said.

Bentley, which builds its entire range of luxury models at its site in Crewe in central England, said over 20 per cent of sales are made in Europe, which is due to become its largest market this year.

Tariff-free access to the continent for goods and visa-free travel for its staff are key, Chief Executive Wolfgang Duerheimer said, and the firm was already having frank discussions with British officials about Brexit.

“I have about nine to 12 months where I can wait and see what’s going to happen and then I need to take serious decisions. It’s all connected to future models,” he said during an interview at the Geneva motor show.

“This gives us a bit of breathing space, and also the government, but then I need to have clear commitments.” Since Prime Minister Theresa May said Britain will leave the single market and could also quit the customs union when it exits the European Union, carmakers have become increasingly concerned about potential trade barriers.

Moving production

May is due to trigger Article 50 by the end of the month, setting up two years of negotiations leading to Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Bentley has previously built some models outside of Britain at a site in Dresden in eastern Germany to boost capacity.

Duerheimer said there were no plans to move production from Britain at present but it was a possibility in the worst case scenario.

“It’s the Britishness that makes us very unique but we know from . different car brands that this business is Bentley promis-e Free Activate very international one and before we would not produce any Bentleys anymore, we would produce them somewhere else,” he said.

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What is Karate MMA?

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