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OLE 2.0 lets objects from applications be embedded, then activated, vendors to offer free viewers, as well as low-cost products with limited editing. Download Free Powerbuilder. Installation Guide. Powerbuilder PowerBuilder Online activation. Offline activation Uninstalling. PowerBuilder. IBM this week will offer a free operating- system upgrade that speeds the capability to activate three-tier PowerBuilder applications from URLs.

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Unlocking the GdPicture.NET toolkit is extremely simple: it is done via code in your application.
You have to create a LicenseManager object, then call the RegisterKEY() method with the license key you own.

You need to do this on the load of your application, basically before you use any of the functions or features of the GdPicture.NET toolkit.

If your key is a trial license key all the features of GdPicture will be activated.
 Using your license key
You won't be able to use the SDK for development purpose until it has been properly installed and activated through the LicenseManager.exe application that is located in the installation folder.
For more information about the activation process, please refer to the Support FAQ and the Activating your commercial license for development purpose documentation.



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Powerbuilder won't activate after upgrade

We currently have PowerBuilder 12.5 installed on a Windows XP machine. This was licensed and activated properly. So we tried to install 12.5.2 on a new Windows 7 machine. After upgrade, when I ran Powerbuilder, it came up as unlicensed (or as evaluation version). I went to the SAP site and regenerated a new license key for my machine and applied it, but it just won't activate. There are three options for us to choose:

  1. New System
  2. Display System
  3. Edit System

We first tried the 'New System' option since it is an upgrade to 12.5.2 on a new machine (which we intend to move to). However, the option for us to choose from the 'Product version' or 'System Type' simply won't show any drop down option for us to choose, nor does it allow us to enter. Hence, we tried the 'Display System' and downloaded the license to update license. It just won't activate.

Has anybody ran into this issue and how was it solved?

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Windows 11 FREE ACTIVATION via CMD (PowerShell) Tutorial

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